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Legal Acts
25.09.2008 15:06

Articles 95 and 96 of the Constitution of Georgia,  Organic Law of Georgia on the National Bank of Georgia (Available only in Georgian),  Law of Georgia on Activities of Commercial Banks (Available only in Georgian)

Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies
25.09.2008 15:04
 Regulation on Sale and Registration of Government Obligations via Auction by the National Bank of Georgia ,  Regulation on Issuance, Allocation, Circulation, Registration and Repayment of Treasury Bills Issued by the Ministry of Finance ,  Regulation on Repo Operations of Treasury Bills Issued by the Ministry of Finance ,  Regulation on Extension and Redemption of Collateral Loans Granted to Commercial Banks by the National Bank of Georgia . . .
Banking Supervision
25.09.2008 15:02
Regulation on Establishing the Status of a Reliable Bank According to the List of Competent International Rating Organizations and Levels of Ratings Assigned by these Organizations ,  Regulation on External Audit of Commercial Banks (Available only in Georgian,  Regulation on Internal Audit Requirements for Commercial Banks , Regulation On Fit and Proper Criteria for Administrators of Commercial Banks  . . . 
Non-Bank Institution Supervision
25.09.2008 14:59

 Law of Georgia on Non-bank Depository Institutions - Credit Unions,  On Approval of the License Certificate Form,  Regulation on Minimum Capital Requirement for Credit Unions , Regulation on Application of Sanctions against Non-Bank Depository Institutions – Credit Unions

Supervision of Microfinance Organizations
25.09.2008 14:56

Law on Microfinance Organizations (Available only in Georgian, Regulation for Registration of a Microfinance Organization at the National Bank of Georgia ,  Appendix

Payment Systems
25.09.2008 14:54

Regulations on Electronic Activities in Banking System of Georgia ,  Regulations on Real-Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) ,  Rules on Cashless Payments in Georgia  ,  Regulation on Plastic Bank Cards (Available only in Georgian

Cash and Issue Activities
25.09.2008 14:51

Regulation on Conduct of Cash and Emission Operations within the NBG System (Available only in Georgian,  Regulation on Conduct of Cash Operations in Commercial Banks (Available only in Georgian,  Regulation on Mintage, Putting into Circulation and Sales of Commemorative Coins (Available only in Georgian  National Currency of Georgia and Rules of Acceptance and Replacement



Risk Management Certification program to strengthen the Financial Sector in Georgia
13.06.2011 17:58

June 13, 2011 IFC signed a cooperation agreement with Georgian Banking Training Center to jointly implement the Risk Management Certification Program in Georgia

Certificate program of 2011 with special offer
03.03.2011 18:03

Georgian Banking Training Center, in March 2011 begins the formation of groups within the framework of European Banking Certificate Program

New Student Loan from Bank Republic and Caucasus University
02.08.2010 17:07

Bank Republic offers to the students of Caucasus University the credit with the preferential terms for financing the bachelor and master programs.   

People's Bank Plans to Issue 500 Noncontact Cards until 2010
05.11.2009 17:49

At the first stage, People's Bank will issue 2 000 VISA Classic noncontact cards, including 500 ones will be issued by the end of 2009.

ProCredit Bank Opens 59th Branch in Georgia
10.08.2009 15:46

ProCredit Bank continues to expand its branch network both in Tbilisi and in the regions.

Basisbank Offers New Future Deposit to Consumers
22.07.2009 16:28

Increasing Future Deposit is an absolutely new type of deposit on the Georgian banking market

Bank Republic celebrated the opening of new branch in the East Georgia,
06.07.2009 15:25

On June 27, 12:00, Bank Republic celebrated the opening of new branch in the East Georgia, Kvareli, 13 Rustaveli steet 

Director of Consultation Group DAI Europe has officially visited “Basisbank.”
30.06.2009 14:33

At the meeting arranged between the bank management and Bryan Nielsen there were discussed the results of the activities conducted by the consultants within past 3 months.

HSBC Opens A Second Branch In Tbilisi
22.05.2009 13:36

HSBC ’s new branch has opened on May 15 on Pekini Street. The new branch offers a full range of retail and commercial products and services to its customers.

People's bank awarded deposits' Campaign winners
03.04.2009 14:22

A total of 10 prizes (household items) and a super prize – apartment in Tbilisi in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Vake were raffled.

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