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Zurab Gvasalia: Georgian National Currency is stabilisized
www.finchannel.com: Budget deficit spending is at a minimal rate. By increasing excise tax the Georgian Government filled expected losses in the budget. We also see that price hikes caused by inflation were temporary, which indicates a proper monetary and fiscal policy.
01.05. 2017.11.25

rab Gvasalia:  At   present    none of the  Georgian bank legally ownes  any non-core Assets
: "After the 2008 war and the crisis of 2008-2009, the entire sectors of the Georgian economy were on the brink of total bankruptcy, and then the National Bank made the right decision by providing commercial banks with the right to own non-core assets" , Zurab Gvasalia, President of the Association of Banks of Georgia. 
Zurab Gvasalia: The Deal between the Bank "Republic" and "Basis bank" will Promote Competition on the Market"
www.commersant.ge: "In general, the deal after its completion will contribute to the emergence of another major player on the Georgian financial market that  in turn will increase competition because,  judging by the volume of assets, the new single  bank might  become  the 3rd largest bank  in Georgia. Thus, this merger  can only be welcomed, as it will positively affect the development of the banking business in the country. Especially because we already have the experience of merging banks, "- Zurab Gvasalia, President of the Association of Banks of Georgia. 


Giorgi Tsutskiridze: "We need a new legal and institutional framework, which will be tailored to global challenges."
Commersant.ge An interview with Executive Director of the Association of Banks of Georgia GiorgiTsutskiridze 
23.03.2017. 12:50  
Giorgi Tsutskiridze: A  5 %  economic  growth  is a good  indicator
Commersant.ge An interview with Executive Director of the Association of Banks of Georgia GiorgiTsutskiridze 
17.03.2017. 12:50  
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IMF Executive Director – Georgia’s economy may develop faster than planned
06.06.2017 21:23

IMF Executive Director – Georgia’s economy may develop faster than planned As first indicators show at this moment,

PASHA Bank Funds Yet Another Eco Project
06.06.2017 21:20

To celebrate the International Children's Day on June 1st PASHA Bank donated Caucasian Fir trees to ten schools in Tbilisi to be planted in their yards. The schools were selected by “Georgia Today”

PASHA Bank Supports Eco Project in Kondoli Village
13.04.2017 14:46

On April 1st Rotary Club Tbilisi Ambassador in partnership with PASHA Bank carried out an eco-project in Kondoli village (Telavi region, Kakheti).

Global Finance Names TBC Bank as Best Bank in Georgia
25.03.2017 22:22

The winner was selected due to several criteria: assets growth pace, profitability, return on assets and capital, coverage zone, innovations.

MFO Credo Turned into a Bank
22.03.2017 18:35

National Bank of Georgia (NBG) issued a banking license to JSC Credo Bank, which has been operating on the Georgian market since 2007 as a microfinance organization

New member of the ABG become IBA-Georgia
10.03.2017 13:46

The General Director of the International Bank of Azerbaijan-Georgia became a member of the Board of the Association of Georgian Banks

NBG President Sees the Solution to the Current Situation in the So-called Next Generation Reforms and Unpopular Decisions
15.05.2015 11:14

Giorgi Kadagidze, President of the National Bank of Georgia, believes that the solution to the current situation lies in the so-called next generation reforms and unpopular decisions.

“Guidelines on Consumer Rights Protection in Banks” presentation
02.05.2015 18:20

German Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) together with the Association of Banks of Georgia (ABG) and the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) is honored to present Mr. Levan Gogoladze’s book “Guidelines on Consumer Rights Protection in Banks” presentation.

PASHA Bank Subsidiary Started Operations in Georgia with 4-fold more Success Compared to Initial Estimations
11.09.2013 10:57

PASHA Bank is satisfied with the first working results of its subsidiary PASHA Bank Georgia.

Within the Agro loan project VTB Bank has financed Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking company
06.09.2013 18:13

The amount of financial support for Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking company provided by VTB Bank is 3.35 million GEL.

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BR opened 45th new branch under its usual extension format.
02.03.2009 10:12

On February 20, Bank Republic celebrated the opening of new branch at 37 Vakhtang Gorgasali street, Ortachala, Tbilisi. Bank Republic, Societe Generale Group, pursues its extension goals and opens the new branch each month.

ProCredit Bank Opening a Branch in Borjomi
27.01.2009 15:11
ProCredit Bank continues to expand the branch network both in Tbilisi and the regions of Georgia. On December 26, the bank opened its first branch in the city of Borjomi.
EBRD to Become TBC Bank Shareholder
20.01.2009 13:45

Tbilisi (GBC) – The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will acquire a stake in JSC TBC Bank. The amount will be announced in February.

BR Universal Banking Solutions and Superior Service Already Available for Zestaponi Population
29.12.2008 12:53

BR uninterruptedly continues network expansion strategy. On December 19, the second branch was opened in Imereti region.

The Useful Deposit - all the advantages in one product
23.12.2008 13:45
Along with interest rates increase, Basisbank offers a new bank product to the customers: the Useful Deposit unifies all the advantages of deposits ...
JSC "People’s Bank "awarded "Positive" campaign winners
10.11.2008 11:59

On Tuesday, November 4 “People’s Bank” identified winners of deposit campaign “Positive” and presented them with presents out of 500 presents raffled during the campaign.

Institutional development and Bank strategy
10.11.2008 11:47

On October 30, 2008 Stephan Boven, Chairperson of the Supervisory Board and Philipp Pott, General Director of ProCredit Bank held a press conference in the Hotel Courtyard Marriott.

TBC Bank receives additional $40 million in funds
27.10.2008 16:48

TBC Bank and OPIC – a private foreign investment company – have signed a memorandum, which entitles TBC bank to receive additional $40 million in funds

Bank Republic offered special installment conditions to clients willing to purchase a new car.
27.10.2008 12:42

On October 25, during "Tbilisoba” celebration, the automobile journal "Auto Build” and Tbilisi Municipality organized a show of automobiles – exhibition and sale of antiquarian and new cars that took place on the Roses Square.  

A joint project by TBC and the charity fund
31.08.2008 17:47

As of 29th of August TBC Bank and the fund created to assist victims are starting a new project.

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