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 Zurab Gvasalia: Banks' credit portfolio in Georgia will exeed 12 bilion GEL in 2013
The FINANCIAL -- The Georgian banking sector will become more active within the framework of economic recovery and the credit portfolio will exceed at least GEL 12 billion, believes Zurab Gvasalia, President of the Association of Banks of Georgia. 
13.04.2014. 18:50 
Zurab Gvasalia: If Anyone is Interested in Capital Market Development, it is the Banking Sector
 an intervieu with Prezident of Georgian banks Association Zurab  gvasalia, to commersant.ge

03.07.2013. 17:50 
 Zurab Gvasalia: This indirectly indicates that the country has a real prospect of stable development
an intervieu with Prezident of Georgian banks Association Zurab  gvasalia, to commersant.ge
19.06.2013. 17:50 
The FINANCIAL -- Georgian commercial banks will face a reduction of profit due to squeezed economic activity in the country. Interest rates on loans are expected to increase and deposit rates to slump in 2015. With a record high negative trade balance, starting local production remains the key issue for the country in a short as well as long term perspective. 
 13.04.2015. 14:50 
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NBG President Sees the Solution to the Current Situation in the So-called Next Generation Reforms and Unpopular Decisions
15.05.2015 11:14

Giorgi Kadagidze, President of the National Bank of Georgia, believes that the solution to the current situation lies in the so-called next generation reforms and unpopular decisions.

“Guidelines on Consumer Rights Protection in Banks” presentation
02.05.2015 18:20

German Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation (SBFIC) together with the Association of Banks of Georgia (ABG) and the National Bank of Georgia (NBG) is honored to present Mr. Levan Gogoladze’s book “Guidelines on Consumer Rights Protection in Banks” presentation.

PASHA Bank Subsidiary Started Operations in Georgia with 4-fold more Success Compared to Initial Estimations
11.09.2013 10:57

PASHA Bank is satisfied with the first working results of its subsidiary PASHA Bank Georgia.

Within the Agro loan project VTB Bank has financed Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking company
06.09.2013 18:13

The amount of financial support for Kakhetian Traditional Winemaking company provided by VTB Bank is 3.35 million GEL.

JSC "Progress Bank" became a member of the Association of Banks of Georgia.
19.08.2013 20:10

On August 12, 2013, the Bank made a statement about becoming a member of the Banking Association

FINCA Georgia Received a Banking License
19.08.2013 12:53

FINCA Georgia, now a former JSC MFO FINCA Georgia, received a commercial bank license on August 6, 2013.

EBRD President confirms stability of the Georgian Banking Sector
20.07.2013 13:34

On July 17, the President of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank (EBRD), Sir Suma Chakrabarti, visited the National Bank of Georgia.

National Bank Cuts Georgia’s Growth Forecast for this Year to 4%
09.07.2013 11:39

As the bank’s report says, the main contribution to growth will be made by processing industries and agriculture sector.

Loans Restructured for all Families with the Bank Debt in Kobuleti
09.07.2013 11:36

Radio "Commersant" reports that the loans were restructured for 94 families with the bank debt in Kobuleti.

Upper Limit to Interest Rate on the Loan may be Set for Private Mortgagees
09.07.2013 11:35

The changes include improvement of loan and mortgage agreements, as well as terms of the compulsory auction.

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Risk Management Certification program to strengthen the Financial Sector in Georgia
13.06.2011 17:58

June 13, 2011 IFC signed a cooperation agreement with Georgian Banking Training Center to jointly implement the Risk Management Certification Program in Georgia

Certificate program of 2011 with special offer
03.03.2011 18:03

Georgian Banking Training Center, in March 2011 begins the formation of groups within the framework of European Banking Certificate Program

New Student Loan from Bank Republic and Caucasus University
02.08.2010 17:07

Bank Republic offers to the students of Caucasus University the credit with the preferential terms for financing the bachelor and master programs.   

People's Bank Plans to Issue 500 Noncontact Cards until 2010
05.11.2009 17:49

At the first stage, People's Bank will issue 2 000 VISA Classic noncontact cards, including 500 ones will be issued by the end of 2009.

ProCredit Bank Opens 59th Branch in Georgia
10.08.2009 15:46

ProCredit Bank continues to expand its branch network both in Tbilisi and in the regions.

Basisbank Offers New Future Deposit to Consumers
22.07.2009 16:28

Increasing Future Deposit is an absolutely new type of deposit on the Georgian banking market

Bank Republic celebrated the opening of new branch in the East Georgia,
06.07.2009 15:25

On June 27, 12:00, Bank Republic celebrated the opening of new branch in the East Georgia, Kvareli, 13 Rustaveli steet 

Director of Consultation Group DAI Europe has officially visited “Basisbank.”
30.06.2009 14:33

At the meeting arranged between the bank management and Bryan Nielsen there were discussed the results of the activities conducted by the consultants within past 3 months.

HSBC Opens A Second Branch In Tbilisi
22.05.2009 13:36

HSBC ’s new branch has opened on May 15 on Pekini Street. The new branch offers a full range of retail and commercial products and services to its customers.

People's bank awarded deposits' Campaign winners
03.04.2009 14:22

A total of 10 prizes (household items) and a super prize – apartment in Tbilisi in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Vake were raffled.

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